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Car Rental Ireland

  • All Locations for Ireland

    • Cork Airport [ORK]
    • Dublin Airport [DUB]
    • Galway Airport [GWY]
    • Kerry Airport [KIR]
    • Knock Airport [NOC]
    • Shannon Airport [SNN]
    • Sligo Airport [SXL]
    • Waterford Airport [WAT]
    • Athlone
    • Castleknock
    • Cavan
    • Cork
    • Dublin
    • Galway
    • Killarney
    • Limerick
    • Navan
  • Car rental companies in Ireland

    • Budget Car Hire Ireland
      Budget Car Hire Ireland
    • Payless Car Hire Ireland
      Payless Car Hire Ireland
    • Sixt Car Hire Ireland
      Sixt Car Hire Ireland
    • Europcar Car Hire Ireland
      Europcar Car Hire Ireland
    • Alamo Car Hire Ireland
      Alamo Car Hire Ireland
    • Thrifty Car Hire Ireland
      Thrifty Car Hire Ireland
    • Enterprise Car Hire Ireland
      Enterprise Car Hire Ireland
    • Green Motion Car Hire Ireland
      Green Motion Car Hire Ireland
    • Easirent Car Hire Ireland
      Easirent Car Hire Ireland
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Explore the Great Ireland in A Rental Car

This is an Island country located to the North West side of Europe. The main language of Ireland is Irish and it is categorized as the third biggest island in Europe. Ireland has got an estimated population of about 6.4 million with 1.8 million people residing in the northern part of Ireland and 4.8 million people residing in the Republic of Ireland.

What are the requirements for entering Ireland?

In order to enter Ireland you must have a valid passport for six months after your given date of departure. If you intend to visit Ireland as a tourist for about three months, then you must apply for a visa. There are visa waivers in place for people who travel to Ireland for business purposes and for students as well.

How do I travel around Ireland?


This is one way of touring around the great Ireland. With trains, you will visit the major attractions in Ireland but you will have very little time and flexibility as the trains can only a limited number of attractions. They only get you to a central location from where you are left on your own to look for other modes of transportation get you to your destination.


You can as well settle on using buses, there are quite a number of bus stations in Ireland. Tourists who are lost can easily find places by using the bus since it has got several terminals and the drivers are quite friendly.


Touring around places in Ireland using bicycles can be very enjoyable and interesting, but at times it can be very risky particularly when you come across the major roads. Cycling normally helps you stay in shape but you have to be ready to deal with changing climate conditions like rain.

Car rental-

Car rental is the most convenient mode of transportation in this country. With your rental car, you will be able to visit the wonderful sceneries in this Island at your own pace. There are a number of car rental companies in Ireland, and so it is quite easy to locate one and hire a car of your own choice. You can also get cheap car hire services from car hire companies.

What places do I need to visit in Ireland?

  • Burren

This is a rocky but very beautiful area in Ireland situated in the northern county of Clare. The name Burren was derived from boireann which in Irish means a stony place. The area mostly comprises of limestone which is simply scoured by water to make crevasses and caves in Burren.

  • Ennis

This is a good place to view the entire west coast of Ireland. It provides big city facilities such as endless restaurants, department stores, and pharmacies. Ennis is a wonderful place to window shop and to take snacks all day.

  • Kinsale

Kinsale is located on the southern part of Ireland just near Cork. This city has got beaches, perfect seafood and chilly breezes as well. There is the Kinsale Gourmet Food Festival every October that has been celebrated for the last 35 years.

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